JVO Subaru Suprime-Cam Mosaic Image Archive DR2

Suprime-Cam is a wide field imager attached to the Subaru Telescope,
which covers a 34'x27' field of view.
During its operation, which started in 2001 and ended in 2017, it
observed more than 1000 deg2 of the sky.
All the raw data are publicly available thorough the SMOKA system and the
mosaiced images are provided at the JVO system for a quick-look purpose,
both of which are operated by ADC/NAOJ.
We have reprocessed all the Suprime-Cam data by using the updated reduction
pipeline developed by JVO and replaced with the new dataset on the JVO Suprime-Cam archive.
Astrometric and photometric calibration were made by using Pan-STARRS1
DR2 catalog.
All the data are accessible through VO interfaces (SIA/TAP/HiPS).
We also redesigned and updated the GUI of the archive by utilizing
the functionality of Aladin-Lite.
We describe the measured quality of the processed data and the data
search system for this dataset.

Theme – Data Processing Pipelines and Science-Ready Data, Other