Innovative tools fostered by the HiPS ecosystem

In 10 years, HiPS has evolved from a prototype experiment led by CDS to a real ecosystem, supported by more than 20 data centers exposing their own HiPS node. This trend has been pushed by advanced and simple clients (Aladin Desktop, Aladin Lite) or portals (ESASky, ESO Science Portal) and thanks to Hipsgen. Today the HiPS ecosystem gathers 900 HiPS datasets published by 20+ HiPS nodes

We will describe different tools and services that benefit from having a large collection of multi-wavelength datasets available in the same format: hips2fits (FITS cutouts generation from HiPS tiles), on-the-fly generation of RGB tiles from pre-existing HiPS, HiPS as a container for 1d and 2d histograms, CatTiler (dynamic generation of HiPS density maps from IVOA TAP queries), computation on the HiPS grid, generation of Spectral Energy Distribution from FITS tiles.

Most of these tools are either already available in production or as prototypes.

Theme – Science Platforms and Data Lakes, Machine Learning, Statistics, and Algorithms, Data Processing Pipelines and Science-Ready Data, Data Interoperability