GWSky: an Augmented Reality Mobile App for Gravitational Waves Sky Localization

As more and more Gravitational Wave Events are detected each year via interferometry, the need for a clear, informative, handy representation and visualization of their characteristics is becoming ever-more important. On one hand, such a tool can be a commodity for researchers, allowing for an effortless overlay of gravitational data on top of the electromagnetic view of the sky; on the other, it can be an effective instrument for educative purposes, especially in the context of mobile devices. In this poster, an Android/iOS application developed in association with the LIGO-Virgo-KAGRA collaboration and the University of Urbino "Carlo Bo" which is capable of performing these features is presented. While it may resemble a stargazing app at a glance, it displays the real sky as well as any other hips fetched from the Virtual Observatory, and it is able to localize gravitational events via the MOC data structure on this sky map; it can display descriptions, sounds and data from the gravitational events and, even more importantly, it provides a strong base upon which new features could be added in a forthcoming version, such as real-time updates of new events via a simple phone notification and the display of a greater and more detailed volume of information.

Theme – Multi-Messenger Astronomy