"Intuitive GUI to restore Corrupted Data: A Support for Preservation and Curation of the Astronomical Data"

The big data management challenge is one of the forefront topics in the fields of science and technology. At the heart of big data management lies the data preservation and curation process. This process consists of recovering lost or harm data, and transforming it into data curated by following specified standards and make it available for the end users.
The Italian Center for Astronomical Archive (IA2) developed the New Archiving Distributed Infrastructure (NADIR), which holds a large amount of astronomical data from different geographically distributed telescopes. When data is received, sometimes it arrives with some imperfections. The harm or lost of data could have some catastrophic impact on science. For such reason, our aim is to enhance the actual IA2 data management software platform by complementing the current NADIR system with an extra software, designed specifically for efficient, recovering of the corrupted, un-formatted or mismatched data files, in order to preserve astronomical data and to facilitate astronomers research work. The use of a GUI allowed more accurate and faster recovering of significant scientific observations that otherwise would be lost during archival ingestion. And most importantly, these observations would not usable by the reduction processes.

Theme – Open Source Software and Community Development in Astronomy