The Common Archive Observation Model at MAST

With over 30 million observations across more than a dozen missions, the Mikulski Archive for Space Telescopes (MAST) offers a vast amount of astronomical data accessible to users all across the world. To organize the diverse formats and metadata content each mission provides, we utilize the Common Archive Observation Model (CAOM). CAOM consolidates metadata to a homogeneous data model that can be easily queried and is in operational use by other astronomical archives as well, such as CADC and ESAC. Our various MAST services, such as the Portal, TAP, Astroquery, and more, all access CAOM to provide the information users need. In this poster, we will outline how metadata is organized in CAOM and how users can better leverage the capabilities of CAOM to empower the discovery of data.

Theme – Data Interoperability