FITS2OSC. A Sonification Pipeline for Lightcurve Interactive Auditory Exploration

With the double intention of expanding the possibilities in the use of astronomical information as sound source for music composition and to allow the interactive exploration of light curve databases through sound in a user-friendly non-time-consuming environment, this work presents the FITS2OSC sonification pipeline that converts FITS files light curve information into OSC data.

Focused in the case study of the light curve databases captured by the Kepler and K2 missions from 2009 to 2018, the interactive data-driven sonification bridge here proposed makes use of astropy, numpy, matplotlib and python-osc libraries to enhance and maintain up to date the natural and historical relationship between Astronomy and Music.

This cross-discipline data processing open-source pipeline is conceived as a first step to build a solid bridge towards the development of an astronomical data automatic composition system based on deep learning.

Theme – Cross-Discipline Projects, Data Processing Pipelines and Science-Ready Data, Open Source Software and Community Development in Astronomy