HII regions in the CALIFA survey

We present a new catalog of HII regions based on the integral field spectroscopy (IFS) data of the extended CALIFA and PISCO samples. The selection of HII regions was based on two assumptions: a clumpy structure with high contrast of Ha emission and an underlying stellar population comprising young stars. We performed the segregation of HII regions using pyHIIexplorer. This code allows us to detect ionized regions base on two assumptions: HII regions have strong emission lines that are clearly above the continuum emission and the typical size of HII regions is about a few hundreds of parsecs. The catalog provides the spectroscopic information of 26,408 individual regions corresponding to 924 galaxies, including the flux intensities and equivalent widths of 51 emission lines covering the wavelength range between 3745-7200A.

Theme – Machine Learning, Statistics, and Algorithms, Other