Astronify: listening to the stars
2020-11-09, 12:00–12:15, Times in UTC

Sonification is the process by which data is represented by sound. There are nearly infinite ways to sonify data, and sonification has been applied in fields such as solar physics, stellar astrophysics, supernovae, and gravitational waves to the interest and delight of hundreds of thousands of listeners. We present Astronify, a new Python package for sonifying data series, particularly light curves. Astronify focuses on being scientifically useful, particularly for blind and visually impaired astronomers. This talk will describe the design and usage of this software, including both the underlying algorithms we use to turn data into sound and the user experience. This package is open source and welcomes community contributions. We will also discuss future plans and how interested parties can get involved.

Theme – Cross-Discipline Projects, Time-Domain Ecosystem, Open Source Software and Community Development in Astronomy