Agilepy: A Python framework for scientific analysis of AGILE data

The Italian AGILE space mission, with its Gamma-Ray Imaging Detector (GRID) instrument sensitive in the 30 MeV–50 GeV energy band, has been operating since 2007. Agilepy is an open-source Python package to analyse AGILE/GRID data. The package is built on top of the command-line version of the AGILE Science Tools, developed by the AGILE Team, publicly available, and also provided by ASI/SSDC as a scientific software package. The main purpose of the package is to provide an easy to use high-level interface to analyse AGILE data by simplifying the configuration of the tasks and ensuring straightforward access to the data. The current features are the generation and display of sky maps and light curves, the access to gamma-ray sources catalogues, the analysis to perform spectral model and position fitting, the background evaluation, and generation of test statistic maps. New features are planned for future releases. In addition, Agilepy provides an engineering interface analysis of instrument off-axis evolution. The tool is also used by the Flare Advocate team to analyse the data during the daily monitoring of the gamma-ray sky. Agilepy (and its dependencies) can be easily installed using Anaconda.

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