Exploring Provenance tracing for VizieR catalogues

Data origin is one of the basic metadata expected in the FAIR context. The information exists in the VizieR database and is made available for the end-user through the VizieR Web pages, the DOI metadata or in the IVOA Registries catalogue record. However, most of the VizieR queries are executed in the Virtual Observatory framework using standards which don't include information like the reference of the article, the authors or the date of publication.

For this reason, we explored the implementation of the recent IVOA Provenance data model in the VizieR context in order to provide the information in a machine readable format. The Provenance model allows to outline the VizieR table curation activity. It specifies data origin, involved actors (persons or institutions) and exposes metadata consumed in the publication workflow : photometric calibration with metadata extracted from remote services, reference article, etc.
The exploration results in a prototype which provides the catalogue provenance information in YAML serialisation or in a VODML based mapping.

Theme – Data Interoperability