MANGO: a VO Model for Source Data

The MANGO model proposes a flexible way to expose data related to astronomical source objects in an interoperable way.
It takes into account the huge diversity of source data in terms of feature description, format and usage.
The MANGO model attaches identifiers on astronomical sources and associates to each a flexible set of parameters (e.g. observed physical quantities) and other information like e.g. spectra, time series or preview images.
Parameters usually appear in the columns of a source catalogue. Additional data products are bound to the source to contribute to the science analysis and enhance data understanding.
Mango object parameters are built upon classes or extended classes of the IVOA Measure and Coordinates data model.
Associated data can be simple URLs, VO service endpoints or VO data model instances.
The roles of both parameters and associated data are qualified by semantic tags

Theme – Cross-Discipline Projects, Data Interoperability