Hybrid SEDs for neutrino events integrated in the SEDBuilder tool of the ASI-SSDC MWL envinronment.

The quest for the electromagnetic counterparts of the TeV-PEV neutrino events observed by the current neutrino detectors is one of the hottest topic in modern astrophysics.

Public online tools integrated in a multi-wavelength environment, like the SSDC SkyExplorer and the SEDBuilder tools, are of great utility to identify the possible neutrino source candidates, allowing to restrict the search around the neutrino source position uncertainty region (in average of the order of 1 deg in radius), and to derive the electromagnetic spectral energy distribution (SED) of the source candidates.

In this work, we present the SSDC catalog of candidate astrophysical neutrinos, based on the public events announced by the IceCube detector, that has been recently included in the SkyExplorer tool, and a new feature of the SEDBuilder tool which allow the construction of the hybrid photon–neutrino spectral energy distributions of the neutrino source candidates.

The hybrid SED, used in conjunction with the SSDC SkyExplorer tool, will help the users to identify the best neutrino source candidates according to their classification and SED characteristics.

Theme – Multi-Messenger Astronomy