A prototype for handling observations proposals for the CTA observatory

The CTA (Cherenkov Telescope Array) experiment is an international observatory dedicated to the observation of the gamma rays sky from ~30GeV to 300TeV. The achievement of its two sites (in Canaries islands and in Chili ) is planned for 2025. As 60% of the observation time will be reserved to open Announcement of Opportunity calls, the CTA Observatory will offer a web platform on its Science Portal to prepare, submit, evaluate and keep track observation proposals.
A demonstrator, the CTA Proposal Handling Platform (CTA-PHP), has been elaborated in this purpose. Using the high-level Python Web framework Django, the CTA-PHP offers an open-source prototype that minimizes the long-term maintenance regarding future evolutions of the proposal items, for both the web Front-End and the database Back-End.
This poster presents its goals, its design and a short description of the envisaged implementation.

Theme – Science Platforms and Data Lakes