Preparation for Gaia EDR3 in the ESA Gaia Archive
2020-11-08, 14:15–14:15, Posters

In the process for releasing Gaia EDR3, due 3rd December, the ESA archive has significantly increased its functionalities from DR2. From the possibility to query external TAP services, to ADQL language extensions and new product linking capabilities, the ESA Gaia archive makes easier than ever to manipulate and relate Gaia data with any other dataset. We review the different capabilities and how they enable cross-data manipulation with other sources.

After 3 data releases, development process, operational procedures, methodologies and associated infrastructure have been extended, optimised and streamlined. This has lead to more predictable release cycles, better resources utilisation and higher systems availability. We explore how this has been performed, and the lessons learnt along the way.

Theme – Data Processing Pipelines and Science-Ready Data, Data Interoperability, Open Source Software and Community Development in Astronomy