Discovering data with the ESCAPE Science Analysis Platform

We present a suite of online data discovery tools that have been developed for the ESCAPE Science Analysis Platform (ESAP). ESCAPE (European Science Cluster of Astronomy & Particle physics ESFRI research infrastructures) brings together the astronomy, astroparticle and particle physics communities to establish a single collaborative cluster of next generation facilities to build the astronomy and particle physics cell of the European Open Science Cloud.

ESAP is designed to be flexible and extensible with a modular structure that encapsulates its different functional components. The ESAP backend is written in Python using the Django framework and communicates with a Javascript frontend via a RESTful API.

One of the core components of the ESAP is a generic interface that enables discovery of Virtual Observatory (VO) resources by querying the VO registry. Once suitable VO resources have been discovered, ESAP provides a flexible interface to select and retrieve specific subsets of data and stage them for interactive or batch data analysis.

The ESAP data discovery framework also enables support for non-VO data archives with minimal developer effort. As an example, we show how citizen science classification data from the Zooniverse platform can be accessed via ESAP.

Theme – Science Platforms and Data Lakes