an hybrid commercial/citizen-science project for astronomical observations
2020-11-10, 07:30–08:00, Times in UTC is an online SaaS platform aiming at offering cloud services for astronomers, collaborations and observatories. A significant part of it is public and free, with some pro tools that have been collected on the web and rewritten using modern techniques. It is backed by a rich backend of REST APIs, which offers a large number of free and public endpoints too.

However, is also a commercial venture, proposing cloud services dedicated to astronomical observations. In particular, small observatories can benefit from very competitive data storage dedicated to astronomical data, as well as sophisticated management tools to handle Night Logs, Datasets, Data Packages etc.

This focus demo will attempt to show parts of : Pro Tools, iObserve on the web with Startrack satellite checks, as well as Data Storage, Collaborations and Observatory Portals.

Theme – Science Platforms and Data Lakes, Citizen Science Projects in Astronomy