Astrocook: quasar spectral analysis made easy

Astrocook is a software environment to analyze quasar spectra in full depth, providing “a thousand recipes to cook your data". It combines (1) a set of novel algorithms to model spectral features in emission and absorption (continuum component, spectral lines, complex systems); (2) a full-fledged graphical user interface to perform the analysis interactively; and (3) a scripting utility to combine recipes into complex workflow and automatize the procedure. Since its inception, the project has developed into a comprehensive suite of tools, compensating for the current lack of similar resources, while keeping flexible in incorporating different packages under the same environment.

The purpose of this talk is (1) to present the 1.0 version of the code in operation and (2) to foster contributions from the community, discussing some possible future developments.

Theme – Machine Learning, Statistics, and Algorithms, Data Processing Pipelines and Science-Ready Data