Holding the Cosmos in Your Hand: Developing 3D Data Pipelines
2020-11-10, 12:15–12:30, Times in UTC

Three-dimensional (3D) visualization has opened up a Universe of scientific data representations. 3D printing has the potential to make seemingly abstract and esoteric data sets accessible, particularly through the lens of translating data into forms that can be explored in the tactile modality for people who are blind and visually impaired. This talk will outline the current state of 3D modeling in astrophysics, astronomy, and planetary science. It will also discuss 3D printed astrophysical and planetary geophysical data sets, along with their current and potential applications with non-expert audiences. Key to this analysis is the prospective pipeline and benefits of other 3D data outputs in accessible scientific research and communications, including extended reality and data sonification. This pipeline extends across a variety of different file types.

Theme – Cross-Discipline Projects, Data Processing Pipelines and Science-Ready Data, Other