RTApipe, a framework to develop Astronomical pipelines for the real-time analysis of scientific data.

In the multi-messenger era, astrophysical projects share information about transients phenomena issuing science alerts to the Scientific Community through different communications networks. This coordination is mandatory to understand the nature of these physical phenomena. For this reason, astrophysical projects rely on real-time analysis software pipelines to identify as soon as possible transients (e.g. GRBs), and to speed up external alerts' reaction time. These pipelines can share and receive the science alerts through the Gamma-ray Coordinates Network (GCN).
This work presents a framework designed to simplify the development of real-time scientific analysis pipelines. This framework provides the architecture and the required automatisms to develop a real-time analysis pipeline, allowing the researchers to focus more on the scientific aspects. This work was motivated by developing the real-time analysis of the AGILE satellite focused on the detection of cosmic transients.
The pipelines developed with this framework can be easily configured with new or existing science tools implemented in different programming languages. The pipelines are able to execute all the analysis automatically after the initial setup. Through the interface with the GCN network, the pipelines are able to react to external science alerts sent by other projects, starting the processing as soon as the instrument data is available. The Slurm Workload Manager is used to execute the scientific analyses in parallel, to manage the priority between different processes and scale the workload on a cluster of machines. All the necessary services are provided to the users by containerization technology. The framework has been successfully used to develop real-time pipelines for the scientific analysis of the AGILE space mission data. It is planned to reuse this framework for the Super-GRAWITA and AFISS projects. A possible future use for the Cherenkov Telescope Array (CTA) project is under evaluation.

Theme – Multi-Messenger Astronomy, Data Processing Pipelines and Science-Ready Data