The CFIS processing pipeline

The Canada-France Imaging Survey (CFIS), will cover the northern sky
above 25 degrees galactic latitude in the u and r bands using MegaCam
mosaic imager on CFHT. The data is being processed using a modified
version of MegaPipe, the MegaCam data pipeline at the CADC. The data
is astronometrically calibrated using GAIA DR2. While the r-band data
can be easily photometrically calibrated using the Pan-STARRS 3PI
survey, the u-band is harder to calibrate. A combination of the SDSS
and the GALEX archive are used to generate in-field standards across
the sky. The calibrated individual images are resampled and coadded on
to a series of tiles evenly spaced in RA and Dec. Stellar photometry
is computed on the tile using a curve-of-growth (COG) method, with the
details of the COG generated by tracing each star back to the
individual input images.

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