SKA Regional Centre Prototype at IAA-CSIC: building an Open Science platform based on cloud services

The Square Kilometre Array (SKA) is a project to build a radio-interferometer capable of making revolutionary contributions to Astrophysics, Astrobiology and Fundamental Physics. It will be the largest generator of public data, producing around 600 Petabytes of data per year. These data will be delivered to a network of SKA Regional Centres (SRCs), which will provide access for an international community to SKA Observatory data and the analysis tools as well as the processing power necessary to fully exploit their science potential.

At the IAA-CSIC, in Granada, Spain, we are leading the Spanish effort to host an SRC. We are currently developing an SRC prototype aiming both to support users working with SKA precursors and pathfinders, and constituting a transversal, wavelength agnostic facility enabling knowledge exchange among a diverse community of users. We have recently deployed the first stage of the hardware, based on a cloud environment to be able to provide interoperable and flexible services. We will build a platform that integrates different components such as a JupyterHub server and Virtual Observatory services, among others, crucial to address the challenge of extracting scientific knowledge in a reproducible way, and hence the adoption of Open Science values. In this poster we will present the main characteristics of the hardware, software and services of the SRC prototype at the IAA.

Theme – Science Platforms and Data Lakes, Cloud Computing at Different Scales