Observing scripts in kosma_software used on GREAT/SOFIA: modularity, flexibility, efficiency

In this poster contribution, we would like to present the development of the observing scripts that are currently used in GREAT (German REceiver for Astronomy at Terahertz Frequencies) observations onboard SOFIA (Stratospheric Observatory for Infrared Astronomy), and has been used in SMART (SubMillimeter Array Receiver for Two Frequencies) observations on the NANTEN2 observatory. The scripts are part of the whole observing software, named kosma_software, which controls the communication to the telescope and the instrument backends for consistent operations. kosma_software has been developed since 25 years and its modularity allows it to be used in different observatories and instruments; KOSMA 3m telescope, SMART on NANTEN2, GREAT and FIFI-LS on SOFIA, and it is also planned to be used in the CHAI (CCAT-prime Heterodyne Array Instrument) observations on Fred Young Submillimeter Telescope. The observing scripts are the higher level bash scripts that create a sequence of commands in a fool-safe way and with a full flexibility to modify any parameter on spot. This is especially important in SOFIA observations which has a strict time constraint and the highest efficiency is demanded. We introduce general key features as well as SOFIA specific functions of the observing scripts.

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