Accessing Radio Data with the NRAO NINE Program

The goal of the project carried out by NRAO NINE's summer students was
to prototype a more accessible way for astrophysics curriculum to be
created and distributed to lower income minorities. This year the NINE Students worked in tandem with NRAO ODI’s Project Radial. A set of lessons
was chosen that could take a student with little to no knowledge to
doing analysis of astronomical data, specifically obtained through sky
surveys currently underway with the Very Large Array. These lessons
were created and distributed using industry standard tools like Jupyter
and git. We found that the most accessible way to create a curriculum
was to make it engaging, interactive, and provide use outside the
context of the specific lessons, which was made possible by markdown
integration in Jupyter notebooks. The uses and implications of
server-side computing for a class of students was also revealed through
the development of this prototype

Theme – Science Platforms and Data Lakes, Data Processing Pipelines and Science-Ready Data