Observation meta data plotting tool - Omedaplot

LMU Muenchen operates an astrophysical observatory on Mt. Wendelstein with two telescopes (2m and 40cm) and five instruments (3 imagers and 2 spectrographs) for night time observations. Theses instruments provide a multitude of operating informations (mostly temperatures, pressures, motor positions) beyond the detector images. The observatory also hosts allsky cameras, weather stations, dome air conditioning etc. The observatory infrastructure logs everything to identify problems and their roots. We developed a webbrowser interface to provide an easy access to this information. It allows to combine any source data from any time and time frame into simple plots with just a few clicks. This framework is easy to expand and adjust for the constantly changing observatory environment. The individual time resolved data can also be directly accessed from observatory status webpage tokens. We also use this tool to track down sources of features in observational data as the observational environment can have unforeseen impact on these data.

Theme – Science Platforms and Data Lakes, Time-Domain Ecosystem, Data Interoperability