Colibri - The coincidence library for real-time inquiry for multi-messenger astrophysics

Flares of known stable astronomical sources and transient sources can occur on different timescales, from only a few seconds to several days. The discovery potential of both serendipitous observations and multi-messenger and multi-wavelength follow-up observations could be maximized with a tool which allows for quickly acquiring an overview over both stable sources and transient events in the relevant phase space. We here present COincidence LIBrary for Real-time Inquiry (Colibri), a comprehensive tool for this task.

Colibri's architecture comprises a RESTful API, a real-time database, a cloud-based alert system and a website as well as apps for iOS and Android as clients for users. The structure of Colibri is optimized in terms of performance and exploits concepts such as multi-index database queries, a global content delivery network (CDN), direct data streams from the database to the clients and cashing.

Colibri evaluates incoming VOEvent messages of astronomical observations in real time, stores them in the database and filters them by user specified criteria in the context of known sources from various catalogs. The clients provide a graphical representation with a summary of the relevant data to allow for the fast identification of changes in observed sky regions, and for analyses of those. In this contribution, the key features of Colibri are presented. Details about the architecture and the used data resources are explained. Current and possible future implementations of Colibri will be discussed.

Theme – Cross-Discipline Projects, Multi-Messenger Astronomy, Machine Learning, Statistics, and Algorithms