An update on the development of ASPIRED

We are reporting the updates on the development of the Automated SpectroPhotometric REDuction (ASPIRED) pipeline, designed for common use on different instruments. The default settings support common long-slit spectrometer configurations, whilst it also offers a flexible set of functions for users to refine and tailor-make their automated pipelines to an instrument’s individual characteristics. Such automation provides near real-time data reduction to allow adaptive observing strategies, which is particularly important in the Time Domain Astronomy. Over the course of last year, significant improvement was made in the internal data handling as well as data I/O, accuracy and repeatability in the wavelength calibration. It has been tested on several active instruments: SPRAT on the Liverpool Telescope, ISIS on the William Herschel Telescope, GMOS long slit mode on the Gemini North. We are also expecting to deploy a new common pipeline for SPRAT (on LT) and MOOKODI (on the Lesedi Telescope) towards the end of the year.

Theme – Data Processing Pipelines and Science-Ready Data, Open Source Software and Community Development in Astronomy