The Time-series Integrated Knowledge Engine

The TIKE is a new service being offered by STScI to support astronomers working with the time-series data archived at MAST, such as TESS, Kepler and K2. This tool is built on the Pangeo deployment of JupyterHub, using Kubernetes in AWS. TIKE is a platform where astronomers can make use of data science utilities, astronomy software, and community software packages to retrieve and analyze data sets without having to download the data to their machines or maintain their own set of python packages. It is loaded with Jupyter notebook tutorials to teach time-series data analysis and visualizations.  It will also instruct users on how to make use of all the resources in the computational environment, such as how to spin up more processors, or how to access cloud-hosted data.  The TIKE will be available to all MAST time-series users in the near future and will be actively soliciting feedback for ways to improve this collaborative environment for astronomical research.

Theme – Science Platforms and Data Lakes, Time-Domain Ecosystem