Brian Kent

Brian R. Kent, PhD, is a scientist with the National Radio Astronomy Observatory in Charlottesville, Virginia. His publications and studies in astrophysics and computing include scientific visualizations of a variety of theoretical and observational phenomena. He is interested in visualizing data for scientific analysis, 3D graphics, and introducing scientific programming to students. Dr. Kent received his PhD in Astronomy and Space Sciences from Cornell University. His website is

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Affiliation – NRAO Position – Scientist Github ID – brkent Homepage – Twitter – @VizAstro


Machine Learning using the Nvidia Jetson Nano

The Nvidia Jetson Nano is a small embedded compute board with
four CPU cores and a 128-core Maxwell generation GPU.
We utilize the PyTorch framework to train a convolutional neural network image classifier
using a small imaging subset of the VLA Sky Survey that is split
into both testing and validation collections. We contruct a simple shape classification
scheme and report on the loss function for the network that can be run on the Nano hardware.