Perry Greenfield

Has worked at STScI since 1985, first working on Faint Object Camera, then joining the Science Software Branch in 1995. Involved in the development of PyRAF, numarray/numpy, matplotlib, use of Python in HST/JWST calibration pipelines, astropy, and development of ASDF, among other projects.

Affiliation – STScI Position – Very Senior Curmudgeon Github ID – perrygreenfield


The Advanced Scientific Data Format (ASDF): Why you should use it

STScI has developed a new data format for use with JWST and the Nancy Grace Roman Telescope that addresses some of the constraints and issues that the FITS format has engendered. This talk will briefly outline the motivations for developing this format and describe the structure and features of the format, highlighting the advantages over FITS, particularly with regard to data organization and WCS capabilities.