Mark Allen

Mark Allen is the Director of the Strasbourg Astronomical Data Centre (CDS). He obtained his PhD in
Astronomy and Astrophysics from the Australian National University in 1998. After a postdoctoral position at the Space Telescope Science Institute (1998-2001) he joined the Observatoire de Strasbourg, and became a research
scientist in the French National Centre for Scientific Research (CNRS) and became CDS Director in 2015.

Affiliation – CDS, Observatoire astronomiques de Strasbourg Twitter – @Mark_G_Allen


ESCAPE - addressing Open Science challenges.

ESCAPE (European Science Cluster of Astronomy & Particle physics ESFRI research infrastructures) is an EC H2020 project that addresses the Open Science challenges shared by the astronomy, astrophysics and astroparticle physics facilities encompassed within the ESFRI roadmap. This project is being done in the context of the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC) and involves activities to develop a prototype Data Lake and Science Platform, as well as to support an Open Source Software Repository, connect the Virtual Observatory framework to EOSC, and to engage the public in citizen science. We provide an overview of the current status of the project.