Bruno Sanchez

Bruno started his degree studies in 2009 in Universidad Nacional de Córdoba (UNC), Argentina, and got his degree in Astronomy working in time series analysis. He got a fellowship from CONICET to get his PhD in Astronomy, feat he managed to accomplish in 2019 at IATE-UNC, working in difference image analysis techniques for gravitational wave searches.
Bruno currently works at the Physics department of Duke University as a Postdoc, where he conducts research in Optics, Cosmology and Observational Astronomy. Bruno's skills include difference image analysis and time series analysis in astronomy. He is involved in the Dark Energy Science Collaboration, formed to develop cosmological probes using data of the Large Synoptic Survey Telescope.

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Affiliation – Duke University Position – Postdoctoral Fellow Github ID – BrunoSanchez Twitter – @BrunoSanchez63


Two co-addition and image subtraction codes: properimage and ois

Difference Image Analysis and image co-addition are key time-domain astronomy tasks and
the latest techniques are usually implemented as components of larger pipeline
software frameworks.
This work presents two standalone software projects that deliver simple
to use state of the art image subtraction and addition implementations.
As a strong key point of this work is the use of open source and tested software,
with focus in building reliable and maintainable tools for small observational projects.