Lucia Marchetti

I am a senior lecturer in Astronomy at the University of Cape Town, in South Africa, and project scientist at the IDIA Visualisation Lab (IVL, I have obtained a Ph.D. in Astronomy in 2012 from the University of Padua, in Italy, where I specialized in extragalactic astronomy and observational cosmology. My research focuses on multi-wavelength galaxy formation and evolution studies and big data visualization for astronomy (exploiting both planetaria and VR technology). I am a passionate science communicator, coordinator of Soapbox Science South Africa promoting women in science (, a fellow of the UK Royal Astronomical Society and a member of the International Astronomical Union. List of publications available at LinkedIn:

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Affiliation – University of Cape Town / IDIA Position – Senior lecturer in Astronomy Homepage – Twitter – @Luci_aMarchetti


iDaVIE-v: immersive Data Visualisation Interactive Explorer for volumetric rendering

We present the beta release of iDaVIE-v, a new Virtual Reality software for data cube exploration. The beta release of iDaVIE-v (immersive Data Visualisation Interactive Explorer for volumetric rendering) is planned for release at the end of 2020. iDaVIE-v has been developed through the Unity game engine using the SteamVR plugin and is compatible with all commercial headsets. It allows the visualization, exploration and interaction of data for scientific analysis. Originally developed to serve the HI Radio Astronomy community for HI source identification, the software has now completed the alpha testing phase and is already showing capabilities that will serve the broader astronomy community and more. iDaVIE-v has been developed at the IDIA Visualisation Lab (IVL) based at the University of Cape Town in South Africa, in collaboration with INAF-Catania. During our talk, we will present the system and its capabilities as well as showing some examples in which the software has been used to analyze real data.